One possible way of understanding EXHIBITION is as an artist project, whose intention it is
to challenge traditional notions of artistic and curatorial authorship by setting up a “different”
type of experience for artists and viewers alike. How does it work? EXHIBITION is not set
up as a series of programmed exhibits but functions as a continuous spatial and temporal
unit over a period of 6 months. Invited artists are asked to engage directly with the concrete
situation of the space as they find it. Structurally, every artistic gesture is determined by a
set of agreed-upon parameters: for instance, interventions occur only in areas randomly
assigned by a throw of dice. It is understood by all participants that their intervention
invariably carries the potential of its own demise. And perhaps even more significant than
the material results generated is the continuous flow of immaterial conversation between
contributors and visitors.

Exhibition was initiated by Elena Bajo, Eric Anglès, Jakob Schillinger, Nathalie Anglès and
Warren Neidich.

211 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10013
Wednesday - Sunday 12 - 6