Exhibition is an assemblage of mechanisms that operate in an independent, not for profit art
initiative located in a vacant storefront at 211 Elizabeth Street in New York.

Exhibition offers an experimental and contradictory artistic and curatorial approach. One
continuous single exhibition will be shown during the six months of the project. The artworks
exhibited will be produced by a succession of artists intervening in the space and/or upon
others’ artworks.

The artist’s order of intervention is ruled by a drawing from a hat of artist names previously
suggested by the organization team and the space assigned to him or her is dictated
by three rolls of a single die. An ‘Initiation Ritual’ convened by the exhibition organizers
on-site sets the conditions of participation in the project, which includes renouncing any
ownership of the art work produced. The works are not for sale in any form and they can be
appropriated, transformed and deleted by subsequent artists.

The exhibition context is created then by the intervening condition of the continually
accumulating, massing, heaping, cleansing, subtraction, and constriction. An archive area is
designated in the space for documenting purposes.

Exhibition was initiated by Elena Bajo, Eric Anglès, Jakob Schillinger, Nathalie Anglès and
Warren Neidich.

211 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10013
Wednesday - Sunday 12 - 6


For more information about Elena Bajo’s artist project about Exhibition: