Exhibition is an art initiative located for six months in a empty commercial space at 211
Elizabeth Street.

Exhibition is located in an elegant 7 story red brick building on the corner of Elizabeth and
Prince streets. Remaining faithful to the the various interests producing the project, a group
of friends designed Exhibition to interact with its surroundings. This deft contextualism is
achieved with multiple flourishes including a set of rules determining the parameters of each
artist’s intervention. “What makes Exhibition unique and of interest to the general public are
the rules of curatorial and artistic engagement that it fosters,” explains one of the founders.
“In a moment of economic uncertainty in which the monetary value of art as commodity
is under stress, art as information, content, and research all of a sudden is once again of

Exhibition embraces the vernacular of its historic New York neighborhood—and stands out
for its contradictory artistic and curatorial approach. This is one continuous single exhibition
made from subsequent artist interventions, in one of New York’s last remaining authentic

Nolita is among New York’s few remaining authentic neighborhoods. With its European flare
and combination of high end retailers, living adjacent to local bodegas and bookstores, Nolita
has become firmly established as New York City’s most desirable neighborhood.
The area is dotted with chic and down to earth restaurants, from the famous Café Habana
and Café Gitane, to Public and The Tasting Room. With the addition of the New Museum
on the Bowery and Whole Foods on Houston, the urban amenities get more exciting all the